Weekly cannabis news roundup

With so much changing day-to-day with medical cannabis and the looming legalization date in Canada, it can be easy to miss some of the updates. We publish weekly recap blogs of the top stories from the cannabis world, so you can stay in the know.

News cycle from August 20 to 26:

  • Consumption habits changing in Canada’s booming medical marijuana market. The number of medical marijuana patients in Canada skyrocketed in recent months, and patterns of consumption are evolving as the market grows. The latest data from Health Canada shows patient counts in the country reached nearly 300,000 in March, up from 175,000 in April 2017 – a 70% increase. Further data from the government – which includes detailed records of MMJ sales from licensed producers to patients – reveals two key findings:
    • Consumption on a per-patient basis has declined as more Canadians join the program.
    • Sales of cannabis oil are growing, but the market remains dominated by the flower.
    • Can CBD Help Nausea? What You Should Know About CBD & Tummy Troubles. Although there isn’t a ton of research on the medical uses of cannabis, there is some positive medical research about CBD and nausea. CBD can be an effective treatment for treating nausea in chemotherapy recipients, with one patient stating “It worked faster, better, and more completely than any of the prescriptions my oncologist gave me”. It should be noted, that while CBD and THC can have an effect on reducing nausea, this treatment should not be extended to pregnant women experiencing morning sickness.
    • 7 Clinically Tested Benefits of CBD Oil, The Wellness World’s New Favourite Supplement. CBD is likely the most talked about product of 2018, as it has a multitude of benefits due to its interaction with the bodies endocannabinoid system. The article outlines the effects that CBD has on: anxiety; cancer; epilepsy; dementia; pain and inflammation; cardiovascular health and antipsychotic effects.
    • Marijuana use declines among California teens.  Marijuana use among middle and high school students continued to decline in California in 2016 and 2017, a new state-funded health survey shows. Only 4.2 per cent of seventh graders reported ever using marijuana, according to the 16th biennial California Healthy Kids Survey. Similar declines were found among students in grades nine and 11. “Recreational use hasn’t caused any increase, and it’s actually causing a drop,” Komp said. “I hope and expect the trend will continue.”

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