We're Here To Help I Anxiety & CBD


What a week it’s been.

While this is a tough transition for many of us, we want you to know that the Budz Team is here for you! We trust in the power of our community and know we will get through this – together.

Here are some encouraging words to help you through this chaotic time and ways you can help your community right now! We also give some insight as to how CBD help with stress and anxiety, along with some changes our company will be making for the foreseeable future.

If you know of a school district, non-profit, or company that would benefit from our bulk peanut butter (not cbd infused) please call (920) 536 – 2839 or email [email protected]

We have successfully donated all of our peanut butter! Food pantries, homeless shelters, schools and even entire neighborhoods benefited.

Sending prayers and well wishes to each and every one of you. When times are tough, always remember, love wins ❤


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