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Why Canadians Are Turning to the ACMPR for Their Medical Weed Needs

Why Canadians Are Turning to the ACMPR for Their Medical Weed Needs

We all know that Canada has been a leading force when it comes to marijuana. This is pretty obvious now that recreational cannabis is legal throughout the entire Great White North. But what many individuals don’t realize is that cannabis for medical purposes has been going strong since 2001.

So many people remember October 17th, 2018 as a historical day for the global weed community. But if you rewind to 2001, you’ll realize that an even more significant day for Canadian weed users was decades before recreational cannabis was passed.

There are tens of thousands of medical growers throughout the country, and this number continues to grow. But why? Now that recreational cannabis is legal in every Canadian province and territory, what’s the point of applying for an ACMPR medical license?

This exact question has been on the minds of cannabis users throughout the country. The answer is actually very obvious… an ACMPR license is like a golden ticket to homegrown medical-grade weed.


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What Is Canada’s ACMPR Program?

The first step to understanding why so many Canadians are applying for the ACMPR is knowing what the program actually is. ACMPR, short for Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes, is a federal program that allows those who qualify to grow medical marijuana from home.

There’s also a sector of the ACMPR that allows Canadians who aren’t on board with growing to access medical weed from licensed producers, and another sector that allows an individual to designate someone else to grow. But the real draw for medical cannabis users is the “grow from home” option.

Here’s what the Canadian government says about this program:

“Individuals with a medical need, and who have the authorization of their health care practitioner, will now be able to access cannabis in three ways: they can continue to access quality-controlled cannabis by registering with licensed producers, they can register with Health Canada to produce a limited amount for their own medical purposes, or they can designate someone else to produce it for them.”

To be eligible for an ACMPR license, the first step is to receive a doctor’s prescription. In the past, this was extremely challenging and required a patient to provide a full medical history. But now that medical professionals are more liberal about prescribing medical marijuana to their patients, getting a medical weed prescription isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be.


A Brief History of Medical Marijuana in Canada

Canadians started turning to the ACMPR for their medical weed needs way back when in 2001. Back then, the program was called the MMAR, short for Marihuana Medical Access Regulations. Similar to the ACMPR, the MMAR allowed licensed patients to grow their own cannabis or access it from licensed growers.

The MMAR took a brief hiatus because the government felt that too many citizens were abusing it and growing for non-medical reasons to sell on the black market. Although this may have been true, this decision didn’t go down well with the true medical growers who depended on their licenses for valid health reasons.

A new program called the MMPR was reinstated in 2013. Short for Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, the MMPR removed the right to grow from home and only allowed for access from licensed producers. These news laws obviously weren’t widely popular, so the laws were revised again, and the ACMPR was born in 2016.


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Why Canadians Are Loving This Program

Now that you know the ins and outs of the ACMPR, it will be easier to fully understand its growing popularity. The main reason that more and more Canadians are applying for ACMPR licenses has to do with the health benefits involved, but there’s much more to it than just that.


The Medical Benefits

With decades of research supporting the positive health benefits of medical marijuana, there’s no denying that this is the bread and butter of it all. Anyone seeking any sort of medical treatment might have considered using medical marijuana, and there’s a very good chance that it would show positive effects (depending on the condition).

The most common reason for Canadians applying for an ACMPR license is for the treatment of chronic pain. When it comes to using marijuana for pain, WebMD says that “some research suggests that marijuana could take the place of opioids. Two recent studies found that states with marijuana laws or legalized recreational use may have a decline in opioid prescriptions.”

Treating pain isn’t the only benefit of applying for an ACMPR license, though. All sorts of patients apply for this license, including those suffering from anxiety, depression, cancer, arthritis, Diabetes, and a long list of conditions.


The Easy Access

Even though it’s 100% legal, accessing cannabis in Canada isn’t always easy, especially for those living in remote parts of the country. The ACMPR program changes all of this. With this medical license, the government legally allows a license holder to grow a designated number of plants from the comforts of home.

This is a huge deal for medical patients who use cannabis every day (or multiple times a day) for treatment. Instead of driving to a dispensary or waiting for a delivery in the mail, an ACMPR grower can simply walk to the next room to access his or her stash of homegrown weed.

The whole reason that the MMPR program didn’t go over well was that it eliminated this ease of access. Under this program, Canadians weren’t permitted to grow, only to access products from licensed producers. But the government quickly realized that ease of access to treatment is essential for medical patients, which is why the ACMPR now allows home cultivation.


The Opportunity for a Fun New Hobby

For some ACMPR license holders, growing weed at home is a major chore. But for others, it quickly transforms into a fun hobby, even a lifelong passion. It’s not out of the norm for a grower to start feeling a connection to the plants, especially when they are being grown for the medical benefits and not just for getting high.


The Savings Involved

One of the biggest turnoffs that keep people from starting an at-home grow op is the high cost of getting started. Grow equipment isn’t cheap, especially if you’re one of the lucky ACMPR growers with a license for hundreds of plants. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that the potential long-term savings greatly outweigh the upfront costs of getting started.

Just think about the last time you made a visit to your local dispensary. There’s a good chance that your bank account took a major hit, especially if you’re inclined to purchasing AAAA+ weed. By growing your own, you’ll completely eliminate the need to visit this overpriced dispensary again.


The Community Aspect

The ACMPR community is surprisingly tight. It’s easy to reach out to other ACMPR growers through social media groups on Facebook and Instagram. There are tons of resources available to growers, and most of them are provided by other growers who just want to help out and add their two cents.


How to Get an ACMPR License

Since this program is meant for those who need access to medical marijuana, the first step for applicants is to receive a doctor’s prescription. Depending on your medical condition, this can be difficult. However, visiting sites like cannabisgrowingcanada makes it easy by connecting applicants with medical professionals who fully support medical marijuana.

Once the prescription has been received, every applicant has to fill out the government paperwork. Then, simply send it in along with the original copy of the prescription and wait for the approval. Once approved, a license will be sent in the mail and the home growing operation can commence.

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