Why You Should Choose Jilati CBD Products

Jilati CBD Products

With the industry flooding with more CBD companies by day, wading through the sea of illegitimate brands and sub-par products can be tough. Thankfully, the long search is over. If you’ve been looking for CBD products that are crafted with only the highest-quality ingredients and care, our products are for you. From our product variety to our overall mission statement, below we have provided a few reasons why we should be your number one destination for all things wellness.

Genuine Mission

Jilati’s mission statement is clear: we provide you exactly what you need to get you feeling your absolute best. We understand the pressures that may come from other CBD companies, but we are here to remind you that companies like ours exist purely for your benefit. By working with some of the industry’s best CBD specialists, we have been able to craft products that put the “power of health back in your hands.”

Jilati CBD Products

website provides extensive information and education on CBD,
terpenes, the endocannabinoid system, and so much more. This way,
you’re completely knowledgeable about what you’re buying before
you even purchase it. We know that education is key to having a good
CBD experience, so they make sure you’re as comfortable as possible
about the products they have available. It is clear that we care just
as much about our superior CBD products as we do about you and your
individualized needs.


is one of the most important factors of any good CBD brand, and we
absolutely embrace that transparency. In a time where CBD products
are often mislabeled or pushing a false narrative, Jilati wants to
make sure this isn’t the case. So, to allow all of their customers
to see exactly what they’re purchasing, here at Jilati, we provide
the lab test results of every CBD product right on their website.
This way, you can be certain that your CBD product contains
everything you need and nothing you don’t.

On top of providing total transparency, we also give an extensive breakdown of all the ingredients we use in our products and why. Every ingredient offered is linked for you to find out more about the substance and its benefits and uses. With all of our ingredients being USA-sourced and all products being tested for their purity and potency, Jilati makes sure that no questions go answered. You’ll never be left wondering what’s in your CBD oil or tincture, or even why they chose the terpenes that they did. So not only will customers be confident in what you’re buying, but wish for them to be knowledgeable as well.

Wide Selection

At Jilati CBD, you have the option to choose between high quality CBD oils or other “body maintenance” products like pain-relieving salves and moisturizing lip balms. If you’re more interested in the tinctures, you have three different options to choose from: Bliss, Blissful, or Blissed Out. Bliss and Blissful are similar CBD oils, though Bliss is made with broad-spectrum CBD while Blissful is made with full-spectrum. This gives you the option of enjoying CBD oil that has either zero THC percentages or ones with very trace amounts of the cannabinoid. Regardless of your preference, we understand that not every CBD consumer is the same.

also supplies a product that is quite unlike anything the market has
to offer. Dubbed an “elixir of the gods,” Jilati’s Blissed Out
full-spectrum CBD oil contains a whopping 15,000mg and is one of the
strongest tinctures available. If you are in need of some serious
TLC, our Blissed Out tincture may be the perfect product for you.

those not wanting to consume CBD at all, our body maintenance section
is also a great option. Here, you can choose from CBD-infused pain
creams, lip balms, and salves to help alleviate discomfort of all
levels. These products have been made from all-natural ingredients
with the help of leading cosmetic specialists to ensure only the best
product possible. These body products, too, have their lab test
results readily available on the website for everyone to read.

On the Road to Wellness

it wasn’t obvious before that we care about our customers, and this
becomes even more clear once you get to the checkout. Whenever you
purchase a product from us, 25% of the proceeds will go directly to a
charity called ARK, a Random Act of Kindness. They also provide
customers with an update for how their money was utilized and the
impact it made. While you enjoy your CBD, you can also feel amazing
about providing a helping hand in our mission to make real change.

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