Winter Activities Near Denver: 420 Ski Resorts & Snowmobiling in Colorado

Denver in December is just lovely. Winter is the perfect time to enjoy a plethora of Colorado activities. Skiing, snowmobiling, tubing, and of course, lots and lots of opportunities to soak in the legal cannabis scene.


The truth of the matter is that there is something for everyone to do, from ski resorts near Denver, Colorado to Rocky Mountain snowmobiling adventures to family-friendly snow tubing, there are tons of options to enjoy.


The purpose of our guide today is to highlight the range of Denver winter activities.


We’re laying it all on the line. Read on to discover the best things to do in Denver, Colorado in winter.


420 Ski Resorts Denver & Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park 420 Ski Resort

There is a range of resorts in the Denver area that offer skiing services and activities. Skiing in Denver or even snowboarding are both true musts when you make a trip here in the winter. Yet, one important question remains: where to go?


There is a wide range of Winter Park Ski resorts near the Denver area. Winter Park has over 75 years of history and happens to be Colorado’s longest operated ski resort. The resort features the Seven Territories stretched across 3,081 acres of beautiful wintery terrain.


Though there are plenty of quality choices among the diverse options in this area, here is one Winter Park ski resort that we will spotlight today.


This 420 ski resort is cannabis friendly and located in the scenic Winter Park ski area, conveniently near the Cooper Creek Square.


The nice thing about this resort is that it suits most budgets pretty comfortably and you’re in the mountains with fresh powder nearby. 


Package deals are really what makes this place easy on the budget. Duo’s will especially appreciate the sweet five-day deal that will be perfect for couples. The package even includes events, like a cannabis tour, and two cannabis-related classes.



It’s the perfect package for marijuana enthusiasts, or just for people that want to try something new on their vacation.  


You get the comforts that you expect to encounter on a vacation including flat screen TVs, modern furnishings, Wi-Fi and spa access. Of course, since the hotel is cannabis friendly, the fireplace isn’t the only thing that you can light up.


You can’t forget the fact that Colorado has its own unique pleasures, that most travelers will want to embrace. Namely? Scenic views.


A large selection of the rooms offer both forest and mountain views.


Get nice and cozy in your hotel suite. One of the nicest features that the hotel has is, in fact, the fireplace suite. Though not necessary to your stay, there nothing better than warming up near a fire after a long day on the slopes.


Skiing and Snowboarding near Denver

Comfy digs don’t count for much if you don’t have easy access to the slopes, right? Fortunately, the skiing and snowboarding options are quite robust, especially in Winter Park. The property and resort rambles across three thousand mountainous acres that offers slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding in the Denver area.


The Seven Territories available for adventure include; Winter Park Territory, Vasquez Ridge, Parsenn Bowl, Terrain Park, Eagle Wind, The Cirque and, of course, the infamous Mary Jane Mountain.

Mary Jane Mountain Skiing & Snowboarding


The nice thing is that the resorts are tuned to the heeds of people that range in skill level. From bunny slopes to more skilled tracks, everyone will find a place where they feel at home.


One nice thing is that you won’t even need to worry about hauling your own equipment. Everything is available onsite as different winter rentals are available to suit your needs.


In fact, if you are looking for some ski rental Winter Park deals, there are a few hotel package deals that will keep you covered.


Skiers and snowboarders will both find plenty of opportunities to explore, experiment, and just have fun.


Rocky Mountain Snowmobiling Trips

And what would your vacation be without a snowmobiling trip? A nice off-roading experience in some scenic snow packed environments with a motor beneath you. Perfect for lovers of adventure, and for people that simply want a quick and exciting way to survey the beautiful scenery.


Let’s take a look at how to make a snowmobiling venture happen on your vacation.


Snowmobiling Rentals, Guides & Tours

Of course, if you are going to do this, you are going to need to find a good Denver snowmobile renting service. The good news is that these are not very hard to come across. 


There are snowmobile rentals in Winter Park, but there are also lots of other options near Denver to think about.

snowmobile rentals denver


Colorado Cannabis Tours offers a Puff & Powder package that includes Snowmobile rentals in the Denver Colorado area.


Keep in mind that you may also want to enlist the services of a guide. For as fun as snowmobiling is, there is also an obvious element of risk to the experience that can be curbed by the company of someone that knows what they are doing.


Snowmobiling in Colorado is a beautiful activity that will only be enhanced with an expert that is familiar with the area.


That in mind, you should think about signing up for a tour. Going with a group will help keep you a little bit safer, and it will ensure that you don’t miss out on any of Colorado’s best sites.

snowmobiling denver


Keep an open mind and give yourself the chance to really experience the diverse range of sites, scenery, and general snowmobiling opportunities that Colorado has to offer.

More than just a cannabis-friendly state, Colorado features some of the most beautiful environments in the country, so even if you aren’t interested in skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling, check out these 4 winter activities that you may enjoy.  


4 Colorado Winter Activities to Enjoy

The truth of the matter is that the opportunities that the state of Colorado has to offer are almost too diverse to list. We are almost at the end of our guide now, but before we conclude, here are a few more activities that you should think about taking advantage of as you book your 420 friendly winter vacation.


Snow Tubing

snow tubing activities near denver

Snow tubing is exactly what the name suggests. A little bit like tubing on a lake, but of course instead you find yourself on a scenic mountain, propelled forward not by a motor, but by a steep slope and gravity.


Snow tubing in Colorado is really big. There is lots of snow tubing near Denver to take advantage of.


Snow tubing in Denver Colorado is a robust activity that will appeal to people with a diverse range of skills. Even if you aren’t quite experienced enough on the slope to feel comfortable with skis beneath your feet, you might find the tubing slopes to be more comfortable.


Bottom line? You should definitely think about doing some snow tubing in Colorado during your trip.


Snowshoe Tours

snowshoeing near denver

The snowshoe tour is the perfect opportunity for the adventurer. If you are the type of person that likes to take the road less traveled, then the snowshoe tour is going to be right for you.

It’s definitely not for everyone. This experience is pretty labor intensive. You are sent out into the snowy Colorado wilderness with only snowshoes, and special poles to get yourself around the area.


Of course, if you are the sort that loves a unique experience, you will certainly enjoy the sites and sensations of the Colorado mountains that you can only encounter on a snowshoe tour.


Snowcat Tours

snowcat tours denver

If you have never been on a snowcat tour before you should really think about doing everything in your power to change that. The snowcat is basically a tank of a bus that lets you see the mountains in a safe, comfortable vehicle that protects you from the elements, while also just looking awesome.  


Cannabis Tour in Denver


Last but not least, there are also cannabis tours to keep in mind. Cannabis tours are a unique experience that you can only have in states where marijuana is recreationally legal.


The cannabis tour is great because it serves both as an educational, and fun experience. There are different packages that will suit different interests, but in general, tours will take you to dispensaries, farms, and even glassblowing studios.


The experience is, of course, only for people who are of a legal smoking age. However, if that is you, the cannabis tour will serve as a perfect opportunity to sample the marijuana culture of Colorado. It truly is a unique experience you just can’t get anywhere else.


From ski resorts, to skiing, to snowmobiling, tubing and more, we have covered many activities you can enjoy during the Colorado winter. Now, go on, and get you’re trip started. Head out to the mountains and take in all that Colorado has to offer.

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